Ephemeral Art Application

If my Ephemeral Art proposal is selected, I understand that I will be required to sign the following statement: 

As a participating artist in the 2024 Ephemeral Art Program, I understand that my art installation must be fully in place by no later than [date]. I will ensure that it remains in place, including the performance of any required maintenance as necessary, through [date], and will remove it by the designated removal date of [date]. I agree to indemnify and hold harmless RAAC, RLEP, SCA, and RCRFA for any injury or damage related to the installation, maintenance, and/or removal of my art installation, and I agree to restore the location of my art installation as closely as possible to its original condition once my art is removed. I further agree to be available for photographs, interviews, and other media efforts, if requested by RAAC, in order to promote the Ephemeral Art Program to the community, and to credit RAAC and co-sponsors RLEP, SCA, and RCRFA in any public statements regarding my art installation specifically or the Ephemeral Art Program in general.

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