Ephemeral Art Challenge

Calling all Artists!

What is Ephemeral Art? It is art created intentionally to be non-permanent. Unlike more traditional art, which might be preserved forever in a museum or private collection, it is brief, fleeting. It typically uses natural materials taken from the environment at hand – leaves, sticks, rocks, earth. It invites the audience to not only see it and appreciate the space it occupies, but to also reflect on what its transient nature means within the context of the space it temporarily inhabits.

The Rappahannock Association for Arts and Community (RAAC) Ephemeral Art Program is offering Rappahannock-based artists the opportunity to create their own ephemeral art installations that will occupy temporarily a place of the artist’s choosing in one of several designated areas in the County. For 2022, we are focusing on the Sperryville trail network and are joined by two co-sponsors: the Sperryville Community Alliance (SCA) and the Rappahannock League for Environmental Protection (RLEP).

Each selected artist will:

  • Select the specific area on the SCA-maintained Sperryville trail network where their art will be installed. For this initial cohort, the selected area must be on the trail between Before and After and where the trail crosses Water Street. If selected, the artists will need SCA approval of the installation’s specific placement within that area.
  • Fully install their art by the required start date. Neither RAAC nor its co-sponsors will assist in the installation of any art exhibit.
  • Completely remove their art by no later than the required end date. Neither RAAC nor its co-sponsors will assist in the dismantling of any art exhibit.
  • Be responsible for all maintenance required to ensure that the installation is durable enough to last for the duration of the Ephemeral Art exhibit.
  • Credit RAAC and its co-sponsors in all public statements regarding their Ephemeral Art installation.
  • Assist in media efforts sponsored or initiated by RAAC related to the Ephemeral Art.

Applications are now closed. Please check back later for information on the next round.



Our goal is to host at least two rounds of Ephemeral Art exhibits each year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is allowed to use to secure and maintain the structure’s armature/form? For example, jute, leather, natural glue, etc.?

A: This is an area in which we will be flexible. Of course, any installation will require some manner of support in order to remain in place for a period of some weeks. We ask that you explain very clearly in your application how it will be assembled and held together. If we have any specific concerns or questions, we will follow up with you for clarification and discussion as necessary. The primary consideration to keep in mind is that, upon the final removal of your installation, no part of it can remain including the structural/support component(s). 

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