Changing gmail preferences to receive RAAC Newsletters

For gmail users who don’t receive RAAC newsletters and would like to, please follow theses straightforward instructions. The 8 steps will take about a minute to do.

After you’ve opened your gmail screen:

1) click the gear symbol at the upper right and choose  “settings”

2) click the  “Filters and Blocked Addresses” across the top row

3) click “Create a new filter” near the center

4) Enter  *  in the “From” box  (be sure to include the asterisk)

5) click  “Create filter with this search”  at the lower right

6) select check box  “Never send it to Spam”

7) select check box  “Categorize as:”  and then select “Personal” from the drop down list

8) Click “Create Filter”

You did it!

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