Talkback Film, Ripple

RAAC presents a film and talk featuring Freeman Allan and Sharon Smith. The film, Ripple, is a 20-minute retrospective about a small group of the many back-to-the-landers who settled in Rappahannock County in the 1970’s. Freeman Allan and Sharon Smith were among those settlers. Titled from the well-known Grateful Dead song and centered around a memorial Thanksgiving dinner in 1973, the film is a kind of “home movie” composed of archival photographs collected from this community and interviews that the filmmaker, Sharon Smith, conducted at a reunion held in 2003. Some of those featured in the film have passed on, some are still residents of the area while others have “rippled” out into other locations, taking the ethos of this seminal time period with them. Sharon now lives in NYC and after a career as a photographer and award-winning filmmaker, now teaches Tai Chi and Quigong. Freeman, now an author living in Charlottesville, was instrumental in leading Rappahannock County arts initiatives in the ’70’s and early ’80’s, including bringing movies to 291 Gay Street, which was then called Gay Street Theatre. Please join us for an evening of reflection about Rappahannock County in the 1970’s. Admission is FREE. No reservations are needed.

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